With Great Qualifications
Come Great Opportunities

Education enables personal and professional development. 

It is a gateway to opportunity.

This is our story of a commitment to that opportunity.

Since opening the college in 2013, Kool Kids Training College (RTO 40636) has quickly grown to be a market leader in Early Childhood Education and Care training in Australia. 

Our origins in owning and operating early learning centres in Queensland and New South Wales has been the perfect backdrop to launching the training college. 

We know the enormous responsibility that comes with ‘educating educators.’ 

Getting better every day is our commitment to pursuing excellence in training, and we now train for some of the biggest centre groups, along with many small to medium providers in QLD, NSW and Victoria.

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Wednesday 4th November 6.30-7.30pm

Attend our next monthly information evening event


Get a free e-book

‘5 Keys to Studying and Working in Early Childhood’

Download my e-book

Specialists in Early Childhood Education and Care

Unlike other colleges that offer many vocational courses, we are niche and only deliver the two qualifications:

  • CHC30113 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care 
  • CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care

By remaining committed to specialising in Early Childhood Education and Care, and having owned and operated childcare centres to the highest standard of service delivery for many years, we believe we have a unique offering in the training market.

Values Based Organisation

Creating and believing in a set of core values is instrumental in any successful organisation and since our inception we have ‘lived and breathed’ the 5 core values listed below.

  1. Quality
  2. Professionalism 
  3. Team 
  4. Trust
  5. WOW!

For our college, these 5 core values are our ‘guideposts’ and help us make decisions that are aligned with being the best we can be. 

We never deviate from our students being at the centre of every decision as ultimately we only exist for them. 

We treat every single one of our students as an individual and we care about their progress as educators but also we want the training experience to be one that enhances their life.

Our People

We have an experienced team, and experience matters in Early Childhood Education and Care.

Our leadership team have been with the college for many years and work exclusively on delivering a better training experience for our students every day.

Our Trainers and Assessors are all from the Early Childhood sector with senior roles as Directors, Area Managers and/or Educational Leaders prior to embarking on a career as Trainers and Assessors.


Bruce Coulson



Bruce is a passionate childcare industry professional, opening the first Kool Kids Early Learning Centre in 2004. After successfully building a network of centres on the Gold Coast and Northern NSW, Bruce believed that the sector could do better in its training and started Kool Kids Training College in 2012. Bruce has a motto of ‘not being the biggest, but being the best’ and has a sharp focus on quality and continual improvement in both centres and training. He sees the role of the training college to build a better generation of educators. Bruce says “We know the sector. We want to support educators by delivering the best training on the market. One where the educator is inspired to make a difference in the lives of children.”

In 2021, Bruce will oversee the opening of Australia first project in joint venture with the AFL Gold Coast Suns – a 200 licenced place centre which will house the headquarters of KKTC next door to the $142m Metricon Stadium.


Sam Hendry

College Manager


Sam commenced with the training college at the start of 2014 and is responsible for the overall operations and strategic direction of KKTC. Upon commencement, Sam’s first action was to collaboratively create the core values of the company and then set about taking the company from a paper based RTO to the Cloud. This transformation has been instrumental in growing the company enrolments by over 2500%. The college now trains throughout QLD, NSW and Victoria and has built up a talented team of professional trainers and compliance experts. Today, KKTC is a market leader supporting some of Australia’s leading centre groups and is the exclusive training provider for the Australian Childcare Alliance NSW.

Sam is passionate about the student journey and ensuring every interaction with the college is an exceptional one. Prior to joining KKTC, Sam held leadership positions with some of the world’s largest technology companies after earlier holding political advisory roles notably as Chief of Staff to the Lord Mayor of Melbourne during a time of growth and change in that City.
Sam has a Bachelor of Business (RMIT) and Grad Cert in Management (Deakin).


Adam Murphy

Head of Compliance
and Student Services


Adam joined KKTC in June 2017 as Head of Compliance and Student Services.

The role is all encompassing, leading a team of dedicated trainers and ensuring the college meets its training obligations.

Adam has an extensive background in roles such as Operational Management, Project Management, Compliance, Training and Development and Business Development.

He has been in the RTO sector for 10+ years and has held leadership positions during this time.

He has Advanced Diplomas in Leadership and Management, Human Resources, Management, Business and Certificate IV TAE 40110.


Samantha Brown

Compliance Officer


Samantha commenced with KKTC at the beginning of 2015 with the compliance function and leadership of the training team her key responsibilities. Samantha has an extensive background in the RTO sector in Queensland, most recently working with the mining sector.


Kym Paget

Student Services and Compliance Officer


Kym commenced with KKTC at the beginning of 2017 to support the compliance function of the training college. Kym has been in the RTO sector for the past 16 years so brings a wealth of experience to the college.


Sharon Stewart

Financial Controller


Sharon commenced with Kool Kids Early Learning Centres in mid 2000’s and has a track record of financial management in the sector over many years. in the role of financial controller, Sharon ensures the college funding submissions and obligations as an RTO are soundly managed.

Sharon has a BComm – Bachelor of Commerce (University of Queensland) and is a CA – Chartered Accountant


Alison Lamb

Trainer/Assessor – Brisbane & Toowoomba


Alison has been in the Early Childhood Industry for 30 years in a variety of roles throughout Queensland.

She holds a Diploma of Teaching Early Childhood and Bachelor of Education majoring in Early Childhood and a Certificate IV in TAE and TAELLN.
She is a qualified Justice of the Peace.

Alison has been involved with the Caboolture Toastmasters club since 2015, which have helped her to be the best presenter she can be.
Alison has worked in preschools, primary schools, long day care and outside school hours care environments.

She has trained authorised officers in the Office for Early Childhood Education and Care on Education and Care Services regulatory changes and was involved in the initial development and trialling of the Early Years Learning Framework.

Alison is passionate about her role as a trainer (10 years) and strives to give students the best learning experience possible.

She just loves to see that ‘lightbulb’ moment occur throughout a student’s learning journey.


Janine Gane



Starting in the childcare industry in 1993, Janine has over 20 years’ experience, with a Certificate IV (TAE) in Training and Assessment. Advanced Diploma, Diploma and Certificate III in Child Care.

Her roles over her career have been varied; from working with babies, and all age groups in Long Day Care, to managing and training staff as a Non-Contact Director of Long Day Care to training and assessing Certificate III and Diploma in Children’s Services through both Online (E – Learning) and Classroom based learning.

Janine works closely with our school based students.


Jackie Atkins

Trainer/Assessor – Gold Coast


Jackie joined KKTC in March 2015 and has worked in the Early Childhood Industry for 27 years working alongside the Industries ‘best of the best’. Her career spans from working with children from infancy to school age, both as an Early Childhood Educator, a Primary School Teacher, High School Educator and a Lecturer in Early Childhood. Jackie enjoys the positive relationship of working with students to ensure that they are supported, nurtured and given every opportunity to be a successful learner. Jackie plays an integral role in ensuring that KKTC students are given the opportunity to explore their chosen career path, identify their passion and work towards their goals within Early Childhood Industry.

She holds a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood), Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood in-Service) Associate Diploma of Children’s Services and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

She is passionate about developing high quality early childhood programs and aims to help you to build strong foundation of how to support children’s learning as you start your journey as an Educator.


Sarah Chamberlin

Trainer/Assessor – Townsville


Throughout Sarah’s early childhood career she worked with children of all ages and eventually held a centre management role in Townsville. This role allowed her to lead, manage and mentor her fellow educators as a Director within a busy Long Day Care environment. Sarah believes it is important for those entering the early childhood sector to be given the opportunity to learn best practices from start to finish. She knows first hand having completed a School Based Traineeship for her Certificate III. She has a passion for inspiring and supporting fellow educators to be the best educators they can be in order to provide children with the best quality care and early education. It is her passion for inspiring and supporting educators that has led her to entering the Training and Assessing sector in 2019. Sarah has her Certificate III and a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care, and most recently completed her Certificate IV (TAE) in Training and Assessment.


Yoko Jenkins

Trainer/Assessor – Cairns


Yoko came to Australia in 2007 to look for a new adventure after being a qualified librarian working at a University library in Tokyo for 3 years.

While travelling around Australia, Yoko decided to join the early learning sector which she believes has been ‘the best choice ever!’

She has been working within the Early Childhood sector since 2008 and moved into the training and assessment industry in 2015.

She has experience in delivering via classroom and face to face delivery, also remote training to distance based students.

Yoko holds a Bachelor of Arts English Literature, Diploma of Children’s services, Certificate III in Children’s Services and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.


Kirsty Crozzoli

Trainer/Assessor – Sydney


Kirsty commenced at Kool Kids Training College in April 2018 and has worked in various roles in the Early Childhood Sector since 2004.

Kirsty completed her diploma in 2004 and has moved from assistant educator roles, to room leader roles and management roles in private and not for profit early childhood services. Kirsty completed her TAE in 2014 and has a passion for working with educators who are dedicated about study and genuinely have a passion for working in the industry.

Most recently Kirsty has worked in a Sydney based Early Childhood organisation as an Area Manager overseeing 150 educators at 8 services, during this time Kirsty developed numerous training programs to be implemented with educators at various skill levels and understanding. Kirsty was also responsible for a number of parent education programs and was heavily involved in the Human Resource department and is continuing further study in this area.

Having grown up in Sydney and worked through various locations, Kirsty is familiar with the ever changing face of early childhood expectations placed on services and educators, and  hopes  to help them continue to change to provide parents the quality they deserve


Tamara Turner

Trainer/Assessor – Brisbane


Tamara has been employed in the early childhood education sector for over 20 years in many roles including educator and lead educator right through to director roles.

Tamara has also worked as a long day care validator for NCAC, ensuring centres are assessed fairly on quality assurance standards.

Tamara has been training and assessing since 2011 and holds a Certificate IV (TAE) in Training and Assessment, Advanced Diploma, Diploma and Certificate III in Child Care.


Patricia Falcon

Trainer/Assessor – Gold Coast (Maternity Leave 2020)


Patricia has been working in the Early Childhood sector for 10 years; she started as an Early Childhood Teacher in Spain before moving to London. Patricia spent three and a half years in London while she was working in a trilingual childcare as a Key Practitioner. That experience gave her the opportunity to learn a different education system and also other ways to support children’s learning and development.

In 2014, Patricia arrived in Melbourne where she volunteered in a Community Centre and learnt about the Early Years Education in Australia and then soon moved to a role as Lead Educator in a Reggio Emilia inspired Centre. Throughout this career progression Patricia realised that what she really enjoyed was mentoring and sharing her knowledge and experience with other educators, notably supporting children, families and educators from diverse groups and cultures.

Since commencing her career as a trainer on the Gold Coast prior to joining Kool Kids Training College, Patricia gained experience in the local sector by delivering face to face training and also supporting centre-based students across SE QLD. Patricia holds a Bachelor Degree (Early Years Education), Diploma level Education and Care (ACECQA) and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110).


Amy Conrad

Trainer/Assessor – Gold Coast


Amy was born and raised in Zimbabwe. She attended university in Denver, Colorado and lived in London for two years before relocating again – this time to Australia, where she has made the Gold Coast her home.

Growing up, Amy saw her parents deeply involved in the education sector; dedicating their passion into lifelong careers. Amy shares her family’s love for education, teaching and training. Amy holds a Certificate III in Children’s Services, a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care, and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Fostering individual achievement and potential within her students and herself is of the upmost importance to Amy. She believes that continuing professional development is a fundamental part of the journey of being an educator. Facilitating shared learning across the industry is not only beneficial for trainers and educators, but also for students where they can see the cohesion between teaching and learning. Amy has proudly been working for the Kool Kids brand since 2014.


Michelle Adams

Trainer/Assessor – Central Coast NSW


Michelle joined Kool Kids Training College in March 2019. She brings to Kool Kids over 16 years of teaching experience, working in primary schools, private and non for profit child care centres in room leader, mentoring and supervisor roles. Michelle’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Teaching/ Bachelor of Social Science (Early Childhood) and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Michelle is committed to sharing her experience and knowledge with a new generation of Early Childhood Educators and brings an enormous amount of energy and passion to the role. She is focused on ensuring that all Early Childhood Educators achieve their full potential and provide quality education and care to our children.


Bronwyn Reid

Trainer/Assessor – Brisbane


Bronwyn joined Kool Kids Training College in March 2019. Bronwyn has dedicated 26 years to the Early Childhood industry, beginning her career as an assistant in a long day care service in 1991. Bronwyn is very passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience about quality pedagogy and practices with students and educators working in the children’s education and care settings. She also enjoys helping her students learn to engage with children in play and to scaffold their learning and support their development. She has a special interest in helping other educators achieve their career goals. Bronwyn holds a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood studies and a Cert IV in Training and Assessment and is a fully registered teacher with the Queensland College of Teachers.


Tara Day

Trainer/Assessor – Melbourne


Driven by her passion to support and empower individuals to be the best they can be, Tara spent the earlier part of her career leading a range of community educational services from library playgroups to Outside School Hours Care programs.

Tara then turned her focus to early childhood, gaining extensive experience in regional managerial positions. Tara’s diverse career has enabled her to gain a wide range of knowledge across multiple age groups; encouraging and providing insight to achieve educators and teams’ aspirations. Tara’s holistic educational mindset and her commitment to inspiring early childhood students led her to follow her ambitions and become a trainer with Kool Kids Training College.

Tara holds a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.
Tara commenced with Kool Kids Training College in November 2019.


Lee Kirby

Trainer/Assessor – Sydney


Lee commenced her career in the Early Childhood sector 12 years ago as a trainee completing her Certificate III in Children’s Services, since then, she has obtained her Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care, Bachelor of Education and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Lee has held many roles within sector, most recently for the past 4 years being a Director of a 90 place service in Sydney’s Eastern Beaches.

She is a passionate advocate for children and their rights, volunteering across a variety of organisations to support the development of children and providing them with a voice. Lee believes every child deserves access to quality education, this belief has led her to becoming a trainer to support the upskilling and development of Educators within the industry.

Lee commenced with Kool Kids Training College in October 2019.


Alison Manning

Trainer/Assessor – Sydney


Alison joins KKTC with over 15 years experience in the industry working with large and small private organisations. Alison has worked in a variety of roles from starting out as an Educator, Room Leader and Director roles and in more recent years working in Operations Management roles.

Alison is passionate about the Early Childhood Education and Care sector and enjoys mentoring and developing future Educators. She sees this role as a vital part in helping shape future generations lives.

Alison has obtained her Certificate III and Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care along with the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Alison joined KKTC in January 2020.


Samantha Di Pede

Trainer/Assessor – Sydney


Samantha has been in the Early Childhood sector for 9 years holding a variety of educational roles from educator, educational leader, centre manager in both long day care and OSHC and Area Manager. Samantha holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care, Diploma in Leadership and Management and Certificate IV in TAE.

As a mum of 4 boys, Samantha understands the need for families to be able to leave their precious children in the capable hands of educators, with the knowledge that they will be cared for in a safe, friendly nurturing environment. It is incredibly important to Samantha that services and educators provide a high quality learning environment for all children and also a reliable service for their families. Samantha believes that each child is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially.

It is Samantha’s desire as a trainer/assessor to help and guide educators to meet their fullest potential in these areas by providing support, mentoring and up-skilling educators. Samantha joined Kool Kids Training College in July 2020.


Rhiannon Ryan

Trainer/Assessor – Newcastle


Rhiannon has worked in the education sector for the past 10 years. Holding a Bachelor of Teaching (Primary)/Early Childhood Studies and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Rhiannon has undertaken a variety of roles over this time. Her previous roles include teacher, nominated supervisor and RTO trainer/assessor, working in early childhood education, primary schools, OOSH and the training and assessment sector.
Rhiannon strongly believes in the importance of all children having access to quality early childhood education, and educators being adequately trained to deliver this quality educational experience to all children. This belief led Rhiannon to entering the training and assessment field so she could share her knowledge, experience and passion with educators entering the early childhood profession.
Rhiannon joined KKTC in January 2020


Katie Hartley

Trainer/Assessor – Gold Coast


Katie has been working in the Early Childhood sector for 18 years with experience as an
Educator, Educational Leader and Centre Director in both long day care and OOSH settings.
Working in some more challenging areas of the Gold Coast, Katie came to recognise the valueof her own contribution to the industry. Katie is passionate about pedagogical practice andmentoring Educators through the National Quality Standard. Katie grew up in a big familywhere her home was shared with children in foster care, and this has contributed to her ownperspectives on quality care for young children and the significance of meaningful
relationships. As a trainer/assessor Katie is passionate about the unique leadership
opportunity in providing support to students on their own journey through the diverse
landscapes of Early Childhood Education. Katie believes in being a learner and that
professional development is a fundamental component to providing high quality care. Katie
holds a Certificate III and Diploma in Children’s Services, Certificate IV in TAE and is currently
studying a Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood and Primary Education).

Katie joined KKTC in May 2020


Emma Lee

Compliance Administration – Southport Campus


Emma Lee joined Kool Kids Training College in May 2019. As a trainee, she is learning policies and procedures that RTO’s have to follow and supporting the in house compliance team and trainers and assessors with their day to day

Issues nationally
recognised qualifications

Issues nationally recognised qualifications

Been through other training facilities and Kool Kids is both the best and most helpful one I’ve experienced. Highly recommend them to all looking into further studies!

Great layout on website- clear precise with the addition of marking criteria underneath the question that helps with finding the right answer.

Lovely helpful trainers with no amount of questions or enquires too much to ask of them. Nothing short of amazing and I was lucky enough to have both Vanessa and Alison. Completed my certificate 3 and not much longer to go through before also ticking off my diploma.

Kool Kids for my choice over all!!

Simone Phillips

Coming from retail and hospitality background, I was nervous to start my Diploma of Early Childcare and Education, however, once I started the online course, I instantly relaxed and knew that I had made the right decision. I had heard good things about Kool Kids training college which is why I chose to study with them, and once I began, I found it had the easiest online platform to navigate, with each assessment having set question areas such as case studies, practical aspects, and reflection questions to ensure you are gaining full knowledge and understanding of each assessment task. The trainers and centres make life and studying smooth and uncomplicated even when working full time, as everyone is happy to help and lend an ear when you need. Overall, I have absolutely loved studying with Kool Kids training college and have been so lucky to have such a great trainer like Amy to guide me through the process!


After finishing my diploma I can now thank KKTC for providing the best style of training possible - with everything online now it made it easier for me to prioritise certain parts of my assessments due to the way it is all set out. I will definitely be recommending KKTC to anyone wanting to study early childhood.

Brianna White

I have really enjoyed completing my diploma with Kool kids. I have found that my course was enjoyable and I had the most support from Michelle and Rhiannon. When I needed help it was only a message away for help. Rhiannon was very patient and understanding when I found some questions challenging. I 100% recommend Kool kids online training to anyone and I highly recommend Rhiannon as she was very patient with each student.

Samantha Pead

How understanding and supporting both Michelle and Rhiannon were, how much this training helped me to become the educator I am today

Rebecca Mclure

I recently completed my Diploma with Koolkids Training. After years of no study I was hesitant and nervous to sign up. However from the moment I touched base I was so impressed with the level of support and encouragement from my Trainer Alison who was always only a call or message away day or night. I would highly recommend Koolkids

Tasha Lee-Roberts

Studying with KKTC is simple and trouble-free. The workload is set out in a way that is achievable without being overwhelming. The online platform used is easily accessible and straightforward, and I love having my trainer, Amy, making sure I understand everything I‘m learning about. She has been by my side since I started, and is super approachable and is always available to work with me.

Paige Demery

As a mature age student taking on study with Kool Kids Training College for a new career path was very daunting but Alison and Bronwyn were amazing.  Their support, guidance, encouragement and friendship helped me to successfully complete my Diploma and achieve my goal of working with children.

Lisa Dauk

Tara’s passion, flexibility and compassion, are some of the key factors that have made my Diploma studies so enjoyable and successful. I have received so much workplace support, even during the lockdown period, Tara supported me to achieve my goals. Kool Kids Training College is unlike anything else offered in Melbourne I highly recommend them, if you're looking for a trainer that genuinely cares about their students!

Melissa GreenDiploma student - Badger Creek Kindergarten

Our partnership with Kool Kids Training College enables our team members at Only About Children to gain the relevant knowledge and skills while obtaining their Early Childhood qualifications. The team of dedicated and skilled trainers are committed to supporting each individual throughout their learning journey, guiding them to successfully become qualified in Early Childhood Education and Care.

The Kool Kids online platform is user-friendly and enables us to keep up to date with each team member’s progress, whilst providing a clear overview of the course structure. Its functionality allows us to retrieve an individualised update on each team member within a few simple clicks, which is highly convenient.

We also appreciate the time and effort that Adam and Sam invest to keep us informed on updates and changes. They are constantly innovating in order to provide high quality and relevant services. Our experience working with Kool Kids has been a smooth and enjoyable one.

Rosanne GriecoL&D Coordinator at Only About Children



Learn more about CHC30113 Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education and Care and CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care course delivery options.



Learn more about CHC30113 Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education and Care and CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care course delivery options.

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