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Wednesday 4th November 6.30-7.30pm

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Wednesday 4th November 6.30-7.30pm

Attend our next monthly information evening event


Get a free e-book

‘5 Keys to Studying and Working in Early Childhood’

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Centre Based or Class Based Training

If you are a centre based student (i.e working in the sector already and looking to upskill), KKTC will arrange for a College representative to meet you in your workplace to complete your enrolment.

Prior to the meeting you will be sent a website link to online enrolment documents and you will be advised of identification required to process an enrolment and fees that are required to confirm

If you are new to the sector or reside in a region where the college offers classes you may be invited to attend an enrolment meeting at either the Southport campus or one of our training rooms. If you are a class based student, the College representative will advise you of class times.

Generally the College can have you starting your training within a matter of days.

For an actual schedule of class times, contact the college.

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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is an assessment process based on matching the formal and informal learning experiences gained throughout one’s life to the competencies required to gain a qualification. The process is fair and equitable and available to all students. In your RPL application, you will need to provide evidence which draws on your background, experiences and/or past studies to match what you can already do or what you already know, against a unit(s) of competency from the program in which you are enrolled.

Please refer to the Student Handbook for eligibility details.

Vocational Placement

Completion of on-the-job tasks in an Early Childhood Education and Care setting is a compulsory requirement of the CHC30113 in Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education and Care or CHC50113 Diploma Of Early Childhood Education and Care qualifications. Students must have access to a licensed Childcare facility to support this element of the training and assessment.

The on-the-job experience gives students the practical ‘hands on’ skills required to achieve competency. Practicum can be completed at different times throughout a program or in a block (this allows students that do not work in Childcare to do their practicum during annual leave time). The Practical component required for successful completion of the CHC30113 in Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education and Care is a minimum 120 hours and for CHC50113 Diploma Of Early Childhood Education and Care it is a minimum 240 hours.

Traineeships / Apprenticeships

A student who is a Trainee/Apprentice funded under the Queensland State Government’s User Choice funding arrangements is eligible for partial exemption of tuition fees. Details of fee concessions for Trainees and Apprentices are provided in the Trainee/Apprentice Information package. Please contact the college on (07) 5532 5601 for a Trainee/Apprentice specific Information package.

Credit Transfer

Credit Transfer applies when you have recently completed formal studies with another education provider and already been assessed as competent in a unit that is listed within your course.

Credit Transfers can be granted when the unit has exactly the same code and title, even if it is not from the same Training Package. Kool Kids Training College will recognize AQF and VET qualifications and VET Record of Results (Credit Transfer) issued by any other RTO.

Supporting information

Students wanting to enrol in a course with Kool Kids Training College are advised of all fees and charges associated with the course, including tuition fees, administration fees, materials fees and any other charges, as listed on the fees page of this website. Reference to fees and refunds is also contained in the Kool Kids Training College Student Handbook.

Unless otherwise specified, tuition fees include the cost of all compulsory training and assessment materials. If a student wishes to purchase any other reference materials or resources this is at an expense to the student.

The original Certificate or Statement of Attainment is included in the course fee, however for reissuing of a Certificate or Statement of Attainment, an additional fee may be applied.

RPL will be charged on POA.

Been through other training facilities and Kool Kids is both the best and most helpful one I’ve experienced. Highly recommend them to all looking into further studies!

Great layout on website- clear precise with the addition of marking criteria underneath the question that helps with finding the right answer.

Lovely helpful trainers with no amount of questions or enquires too much to ask of them. Nothing short of amazing and I was lucky enough to have both Vanessa and Alison. Completed my certificate 3 and not much longer to go through before also ticking off my diploma.

Kool Kids for my choice over all!!

Simone Phillips

Coming from retail and hospitality background, I was nervous to start my Diploma of Early Childcare and Education, however, once I started the online course, I instantly relaxed and knew that I had made the right decision. I had heard good things about Kool Kids training college which is why I chose to study with them, and once I began, I found it had the easiest online platform to navigate, with each assessment having set question areas such as case studies, practical aspects, and reflection questions to ensure you are gaining full knowledge and understanding of each assessment task. The trainers and centres make life and studying smooth and uncomplicated even when working full time, as everyone is happy to help and lend an ear when you need. Overall, I have absolutely loved studying with Kool Kids training college and have been so lucky to have such a great trainer like Amy to guide me through the process!


After finishing my diploma I can now thank KKTC for providing the best style of training possible - with everything online now it made it easier for me to prioritise certain parts of my assessments due to the way it is all set out. I will definitely be recommending KKTC to anyone wanting to study early childhood.

Brianna White

I have really enjoyed completing my diploma with Kool kids. I have found that my course was enjoyable and I had the most support from Michelle and Rhiannon. When I needed help it was only a message away for help. Rhiannon was very patient and understanding when I found some questions challenging. I 100% recommend Kool kids online training to anyone and I highly recommend Rhiannon as she was very patient with each student.

Samantha Pead

How understanding and supporting both Michelle and Rhiannon were, how much this training helped me to become the educator I am today

Rebecca Mclure

I recently completed my Diploma with Koolkids Training. After years of no study I was hesitant and nervous to sign up. However from the moment I touched base I was so impressed with the level of support and encouragement from my Trainer Alison who was always only a call or message away day or night. I would highly recommend Koolkids

Tasha Lee-Roberts

Studying with KKTC is simple and trouble-free. The workload is set out in a way that is achievable without being overwhelming. The online platform used is easily accessible and straightforward, and I love having my trainer, Amy, making sure I understand everything I‘m learning about. She has been by my side since I started, and is super approachable and is always available to work with me.

Paige Demery

As a mature age student taking on study with Kool Kids Training College for a new career path was very daunting but Alison and Bronwyn were amazing.  Their support, guidance, encouragement and friendship helped me to successfully complete my Diploma and achieve my goal of working with children.

Lisa Dauk

Tara’s passion, flexibility and compassion, are some of the key factors that have made my Diploma studies so enjoyable and successful. I have received so much workplace support, even during the lockdown period, Tara supported me to achieve my goals. Kool Kids Training College is unlike anything else offered in Melbourne I highly recommend them, if you're looking for a trainer that genuinely cares about their students!

Melissa GreenDiploma student - Badger Creek Kindergarten

Our partnership with Kool Kids Training College enables our team members at Only About Children to gain the relevant knowledge and skills while obtaining their Early Childhood qualifications. The team of dedicated and skilled trainers are committed to supporting each individual throughout their learning journey, guiding them to successfully become qualified in Early Childhood Education and Care.

The Kool Kids online platform is user-friendly and enables us to keep up to date with each team member’s progress, whilst providing a clear overview of the course structure. Its functionality allows us to retrieve an individualised update on each team member within a few simple clicks, which is highly convenient.

We also appreciate the time and effort that Adam and Sam invest to keep us informed on updates and changes. They are constantly innovating in order to provide high quality and relevant services. Our experience working with Kool Kids has been a smooth and enjoyable one.

Rosanne GriecoL&D Coordinator at Only About Children



Learn more about CHC30113 Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education and Care and CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care course delivery options.

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